Drinking too much too often can cause all sorts of issues, one of them being brain damage. Korsakoff Syndrome, also known as a wet-brain syndrome, actually occurs alarmingly often. It happens when the brain does not receive a very important vitamin called B1.

The amount of B1 that we are supposed to take a day is already less than what the average man or woman ends up getting in a day. It is recommended you get between 1.1-1.2 milligrams of B1 a day. On average people get about .88-1.99 mg a day. For an alcoholic, they only take in about .3 mg a day.

This is because people who are alcoholics often don’t eat enough daily because they are busy with alcohol consumption. This means they are way less likely to get enough of many essential vitamins.

Alcohol also severely affects the liver’s ability even to process important vitamins among other functions. Alcohol brain damage syndrome is a real problem for those who drink far too much.

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome Symptoms

Wet-brain is actually more than just one syndrome, it is a combination of both Wernicke’s Encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s Syndrome. Wernicke’s involves motor and sensory issues. Korsakoff syndrome has to do with memory loss or dementia or amnesia.

There are many different symptoms of this issue, and they can show up in a different order, and at any time, it doesn’t matter.

Some of the early visible stages of wet-brain include:

–    Anemia

–    Exhaustion

–    Gaps in memory

–    Impaired/abnormal eye movement

–    Insomnia

–    Loss of appetite

–    Rapid weight loss/reduced BMI

–    Trouble concentrating

–    Unsteady walk (known as wet-brain gait)

–    Vomiting and nausea

Often the disorder is not noticed at first. This can be quite detrimental to someone’s health because symptoms can progress and get worse. These symptoms may include:

–    Apathy or other personality changes

–    Creating new false memories to fill in the gaps

–    Dementia

–    Extreme confusion

–    Inability to create new memories

–    Increased talkativeness

–    Loss of muscle coordination

Wet-Brain Treatment And Diagnosis

When wet-brain is diagnosed early on then it is actually not too bad. This is because giving people B1 can reverse the symptoms. It is only after it has progressed very far that it becomes irreversible.

It can cause nerve damage along with a rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, and even a loss of consciousness or death.

When alcohol causes wet-brain, then it is vital to get help right away to stay healthy.

Often inpatient alcohol rehab is needed to help someone quit alcohol and get back to good health status. Alcohol detox at home is not recommended because it can be dangerous and you might be more likely to relapse.

If you or anyone you love shows signs of wet-brain syndrome then be sure to get a diagnosis and help as soon as possible.