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Alcoholics Anonymous treatment center of Westerville Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who support each-other through the process of getting and staying sober

Effective Treatment

We’ve learned that the most important factor for remaining sober after treatment is getting to a group meeting as soon as possible after release.


We provide world-class events that helps our members stay together and successfully quit achohol addiction.

Members Experience

Listening to touching experiences of our members will definitely help you get success real quick.

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Why Group Meetings?

Your temporary contact will be an established member of your local A.A. group, and will take you to your first six meetings. During this time, they will introduce you to other group members, help you learn about our 12-Step Program, and introduce you to our core values like honesty and service. 

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Policies matters

Our rules are embodied in the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. We’ve included a list of those Twelve Traditions, along with brief explanations for most of them to clarify things a bit.

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"...I’ve been sober for eight years now. I got my driver’s license back, and my business is successful....."