December 1, 2011
Dear RFCPP Family, Friends and Supporters, 
After twenty-one glorious years, it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter. As of December 31, 2011 Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan will be taking its final bow.
On behalf of RFCPP’s Board of Directors, I wish to take this opportunity as founder and director to thank you for your loyal generosity over the years. As a result, YOU have greatly assisted RFCPP in raising and bridging a generation of foster youth, many of whom have gone on to become architects, teachers, bankers, dancers, choreographers and production personnel with VIACOM/CBS and PARAMOUNT STUDIOS.  This vocation has given all who worked tirelessly, especially our volunteers, the unique privilege to serve from coast to coast and beyond. 

I believe The Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan has provided hundreds of youth the foundation-building confidence by tapping into their early interests in the arts and sciences to leap forward, be it with a jeté at The Portland School of Ballet, Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre of Boston, the renowned American Ballet Theater School, or Universal Dance Designs of Los Angeles, piano with Mass Ave Music, equine therapy at Sunny-Croft Equestrian Center, and acting with Wheelock College Family Theatre and The Colburn School of Performing Arts. All of the staff at each location demonstrated enormous kindness and dedication to RFCPP’s vision to teach and provide the highest quality performing arts education available to foster youth in our grass roots-community focused program. 
Our collegiate mentoring program has provided “Socially Competitive Stipends” to our Spelman College, Howard University, San Francisco State, Talledega College, Los Angeles Trade-Tech College, and Stonehill College students. We couldn’t have done it without our corporate sponsors and community of volunteers, from UPS, ING Foundation, Converse, NIKE/Jordan Brand, and Alpha Kappa Alpha and Sigma Gamma Rho. Most of all, I want to extend my imperishable gratitude to The Annie E. Casey Foundation/Casey Family Services, by which The Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan has been able to sustain the work that is so important to so many. It has been a privilege to collaborate with your excellence and I hope to continue to do so in another capacity. 
There have been so many superlative moments in our history: our feature story in Glamour; High Tea aboard Royal Caribbean, who allowed us to send one of our foster parents on a much-deserved cruise; our signature Christmas parties at House of Blues/House of Blues Foundation with Kenny and Chante Lattimore, and who can forget Snoop Dogg as Santa, as well as collaborations with Samuel L. Jackson, and the Bruce Willis Foundation who made it snow. I must thank our celebrity supporters from Rickey Minor to Branford Marsalis, Sharon Stone to Denise Graves, and all of the political constituents who have continuously supported us.
I thank all of the RFCPP foster and adoptive families and generations of children that have given RFCPP the greatest gift of all – RECIPROCITY - by giving back to your respective communities and abroad.  I am so proud of all of our youth and those graduating in 2012! We celebrate your courage, perseverance, and faith in yourselves. If RFCPP had any influence in assisting families to achieve this, then as a charity, we achieved our goal.  
I am entering another chapter of my life, spending more and more time in Atlanta with my family and married to visual artist, Radcliffe Bailey. As an American Program Bureau lecturer, specializing on topics such as ‘mentoring, foster care and adoption, philanthropy, media-diversity and arts’, I know now more than ever it is the season to transition. 
I wish everyone continued success on your individual and collective journeys. On behalf of all of The Rowell Foster Children’s Positive Plan staff, board, and families, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you all a Happy Holiday and a healthy, prosperous New Year. 
God Bless,
Victoria Rowell